Saturday, March 3, 2012

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I'm starving (for food) but here's a quick one.

Secreted Fucking Entity hail from California and play BDM more in the vein of old Suffocation and Defeated Sanity (what's the difference? Am I right? I love old Suffocation so that's not a slight in the slightest). This shit kills. I've been enjoying this a lot. Major kudos are due to them presenting a really "live" sound on their full length, Horrifying Hallucinations of Ungodly, especially on the drums, which are really boomy and clear and let you hear with no ambiguity whatsoever that they're real and not being fucked with in some feat of post-production trickery. Like Methods of Execution, this is an ugly, murky record that forces you to actually tune your attention towards discerning the different instruments working in concert.

This shit is awesome and I demand you buy a sticker or go see them live in California at the very least. Don't sleep on it.

Horrifying Hallucinations of Ungodly Bigcartel Websites

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I can't even find a link to their album right now. Looks like you might have to get it the old fashioned way. With money.