Monday, February 20, 2012

Stop Scheduling Me So Damn Late

That's just it. I've closed at the store two nights in a row and I'll be in until ten tonight. It's a pain in the ass. I'm not a good early riser, so's I don't do shit-all before I have to go in to work. I shouldn't complain. Also, I'm dipping out to the Tar Heel state this Thursday. I think I'll bring my computer, so posts between about the 23rd to the 28th are conceivable.

I haven't been listening to much music lately but what I've got something for you.

Acoustic solo project: It's kind of a cliche. After x many years in a band some jerk-off will write some sappy songs that are more or less unplugged versions of what they were doing, only with an assumed air of "folksiness" that is entirely unconvincing. There seems to be this persistent misconception floating around out there that if you've cut your teeth as a musician for long enough, it's practically beneath you to achieve James Taylor-status as a single singer-songwriter. Rarely, do I feel the need to take the position of "shit-slinging naysayer" but I've heard some baaaad shit.

Austin Fucking Lucas is the real deal. That was really the first thing that came to mind when I finally heard him, courtesy of a friend who shot me that very video to my email. I had just known him as that guy who worked with Chuck Ragan.

Briefly, Lucas was born in Indiana and learned to sing and play music at a young age, before discovering punk and hardcore, playing in some crust bands, expatriated, repatriated, and began recording country albums. Or, at least I believe that's the chronology of events. Maybe there was some overlap. Either way, if you've listened to the video above, it's completely obvious that Lucas is a goddamn pro. This isn't a charade, this is the genuine article. This is unapologeticaly rootsy music, bringing in slide guitars, banjos, strings, and Lucas' versatile, keen singing. Forget about pop/rock hooks, only twangly-dangly major pentatonic shit. There's little else I really feel like listening to, as of late.

Lend him your ears.

Official/Dispense Money/Admiration Here

Somebody Loves You [2009]. Sample at your leisure.


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