Monday, January 23, 2012


So, as I may have mentioned, I'm back to work at a grocery store I part-timed at for three years, and it is just uncanny how nothing has changed since I left (like how I'm the only person willing to clerk the bottle room and accept returnables) and quickly I'm picking everything back up. The pay isn't great and I'm not getting a lot of hours right now but the feeling of knowing that a paycheck is in my future is a relief, frankly.

Since I'm still drafting that 2011 Retrospective (yeah yeah, I know) and since I actually ended up working later than I was scheduled, I'm less interested in publishing that right yet. Here's something else.

Fallujah are an interesting band. A few years back, I liked Leper Colony (2009) enough to feature one or two tracks semi regularly on my radio show for a few months. Fuck if I remember what deathcore clearinghouse blog I found it on at the time. This was self-released. Basically, in addition to bringing a brutish, yet highly technical skill set to the table, Fallujah also managed to weave in a cold and strange sense of moroseness (hence where the "blackened" description of their music comes in). It's still a neat little EP that I listen to every now and then, even if some songs are a little bloated with dull single-note chug-fests. I'd still ultimately recommend it, that's for sure.

Anywho, in November they released a full length on Unique Leader (!!) called The Harvest Wombs. I've only listened to it maybe twice since then and I'm still on the fence about it (leaning positively). If you're into this current crop of technical, progressive West Coast death metal/deathcore, (Burning the Masses, The Faceless, et al), or Decrepit Birth (to whom many of these young bands would seem indebted to some degree) you'll definitely like it. If you're not crazy about that, the qualities that I found most interesting about them initial still ring true, for the most part. There is a certain knack for atmosphere this band has that a lot of their peers lack. The new album definitely cranks up the progressive riffometer up a few notches, which can be a little bit of a distraction for some. This is a noodle fest, like everyone showed up to the potluck with noodles.

Either way, it's cool to see this band getting more recognition and success. Give them your money.

Buy [Unique Leader]
Leper Colony
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